​Many clients like to know the cost of sod installation over the phone, while we would love to give you a price for sod installation, each job and property presents a different challenge. We want to make sure you are receiving the most affordable sod installation and receive the most accurate quote. Please give a call for a free personalized quote. If you would like to learn more about the different types of sod we install please visit simplysodse.com


Over the last few years, Affordable Mulch has built a solid reputation based on quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and personalized service becoming one of Atlanta's top sod installation companies. We would be honored to earn your trust through our sod installation services. Feel free to contact us and schedule today!

Initial Survey


On the day of your installation, our project manager will begin by walking the job with you. We will go over job specific details such as bed placement, sod borders, existing irrigation, underground utilities,  and address any questions you may have. To ensure no damage is done, the underground cables and irrigation will be marked.

Removal & Preparation


Every yard is prepared by tilling up an existing yard to prepare for sod installation. Larger Yards & Athletic Fields will require larger equipment specific to the job. Soil Preparation and Grading is the most important step to ensure your yard stays new for years to come! Here we will add lime and any top soil or amendments specific to your job.

Fresh Sod Supplied


Since most of our projects are "turn-key" and completed in one day we have already scheduled your sod delivery. Every order is cut fresh from the farm the evening prior to the installation and shipped directly to your site. Having your Sod Supplied & Sod Installed by one company is the key to a worry and stress free process. 

Site Clean Up


Towards the end of the job we encourage our clients to let us know if we have missed any important details. We will work until you are 100% satisfied. 

Installation Of The Sod


This is our favorite part! Our crews install anywhere from 10-60 pallets a day. We always place the sod pieces tight against each other in a checker board pattern. Larger installations will use mega rolls. Once the sod is laid each yard is rolled with our weighted lawn roller. This ensures all air pockets and pushed out and the sod adheres to the soil.

Last Walk 


After grading is finished, soil is prepared, and the sod is delivered,  we will make sure that all the borders are to your specifications. Here we also will test your irrigation to ensure that we haven't damaged any lines or heads during the grading process. If any damage is found we will fix it immediately for no charge.

Is your yard lacking in color or thinning out in some areas? Installing new sod is a great way to bring your yard back to life, giving it a neat, well-manicured look.

Tifway 419 Burmuda

Tifway 419 Burmuda

Zorro Zoysia

Zorro Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia

Meyer Zoysia

Meyer Zoysia

We will provide them with excellent service and detailed work.

They will be treated with unparalleled courtesy and professionalism.

Their every question and concern will be addressed with care and attention.

There is a peace of mind that every job will be completed with top standards.

Call Affordable Mulch Today For The Lowest Price Guaranteed!

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