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When it comes times to freshening up the yard, most people turn to pine straw due to its apparent cost savings, but in reality, mulch is much more affordable than pine-straw. Find out why installing mulch is less expensive than installing pine straw in Atlanta. 

Interested in converting your pine straw beds into mulch? Check out our mulch calculator to Calculate Quantity Needed Click Here

Call our Mulch Atlanta Experts for pricing on replacing pine straw with mulch.


Mulch Reduces the growth of weeds, prevents weed germination and smothers existing weeds. Pine straw tends to allow weeds to grow faster and becomes a problem to maintain on a regular basis.

Reduces the amount of water that will evaporate from your soil. A layer of mulch acts like a protective top soil that will keep the ground cooler and allow it to hold in more moisture. Pine Straw does not offer this type of protection.

You Can Relax: With the lowest prices around, there is no need to spend a whole weekend doing back breaking work. Let Affordable Mulch make sure the job is done right by handling your switch from pine straw to mulch. 

No Questions Asked Guarantee: We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers. If you are not completely thrilled with the job, we will make it right. 

Cost Savings: By installing mulch you will save 30% using mulch instead of pine straw. In Atlanta pine straw costs 14-cents per square foot per year compared to 10-cents per square foot for mulch. You will need 40 bales of pine straw to cover 1,000 square feet, costing $140 per year. The same area is covered by 6.17 cubic yards of mulch costing $104 per year.

Lasts Longer: Typically pine straw has to be installed 1-2 times per year to keep your yard looking fresh. If mulch is installed correctly, you only have to install every two years, or apply a light refresh every year.

Mulch tends to hold on slopes and hills better than pine straw, and also helps with eroded areas. 

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Their every question and concern will be addressed with care and attention.

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They will be treated with unparalleled courtesy and professionalism.

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There is a peace of mind that every job will be completed with top standards.

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Premium Black Mulch

Premium Black Mulch

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Premium Red Mulch

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Premium Brown Mulch

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Premium Cypress Mulch

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Jumbo Nugget and Pine Nugget Mulch

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