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One of the first things guests see when they arrive at your home is your yard and landscaping. And believe it or not, most people usually notice the condition of your landscaping.

Do not let your yard go into disarray, beautify your home and let Affordable Mulch Atlanta take care of your wood mulch needs at the lowest price in Atlanta. We will deliver our best quality, colored mulch delivery at the lowest mulch prices available, GUARANTEED

To Calculate Quantity Needed.

Mulch Delivery

Make a clear plan defining each of the areas that will be covered with landscape material.

Clear all debris, large rocks, weeds and other obstructions from the work area.

Complete all excavation work if needed, then level and finish grade. Give special attention to areas close to your foundation using adequate slope and other methods to control drainage.

Measure the area. Using the methods in our Mulch Calculator, calculate the total square footage for each area to be covered. 

Use our Mulch Calculator to estimate the amount of material required.

Install edging around beds if necessary. Dig a trench around bed edging to ensure the mulch keeps its place.

Install weed fabric in all beds if necessary. 

Have Mulch Delivered to your House.

Install Mulch. Start applying the material closest to your entry point so that you won't have to walk a long distance. 

After mulch installation, Clean and blow edges to give your yard a nice, clean, professional look.

Premium Black Mulch

Premium Black Mulch

Premium Red Mulch

Premium Red Mulch

Premium Brown Mulch

Premium Brown Mulch

Premium Cypress Mulch

Premium Cypress Mulch

Premium Playground Mulch
Jumbo Nugget and Pine Nugget Mulch

Jumbo Nugget and Pine Nugget Mulch

Mulch Excllent Service

We will provide them with excellent service and detailed work.


Their every question and concern will be addressed with care and attention.

Professional Mulch Services

They will be treated with unparalleled courtesy and professionalism.

Top standard Mulch Services

There is a peace of mind that every job will be completed with top standards.

Call Affordable Mulch Today For The Lowest Price Guaranteed!

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